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 Windows 7 Tabulorasa Edition

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PostSubject: Windows 7 Tabulorasa Edition   Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:28 am

Windows 7 Tabulorasa Edition v.2.0 SP1 (Jan-2011)
File Format: iso | Platform: x86 (32-bit)
Size: 2.53 GB

Multiboot disk Windows 7 Tabulorasa Edition SP1 on the original image of Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x86, with the integration of the official Service Pack Service Pack 1 RTM.

Release Date: 2011.01
Developer: Microsoft/Tabulorasa TEAM
Language: English / Multi
File Format: iso
Platform: x86 (32-bit)
Medicine: not required
Size: 2.53 GB

System requirements:
CPU: 1 GHz or higher with architecture x86/x64
RAM: 512 MB or higher
HDD: ~ 10-15 GB
VIDEO: with support for DirectX 9 graphics and 128 MB of memory (for the theme Aero)

Assembly based on the original image of Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x86 (32 bit) RUS RTM integration with the official Service Pack Service Pack 1. From the original image given only the wording is not used, left only to Ultimate, otherwise only added and changed.
The disk is still multiboot. Multiboot menu greatly expanded (see the screenshots)
Activation method is still the same, I mean everything automatically, but the "chute" on the desktop just in case, too, left.
Apply a set of tweaks (see below)
Service Pack Service Pack 1 RTM for Windows 7 x86.
Automatic Updates scheduled off

Major changes
- Improved the Multiboot menu
- Integrated automatic activation
- Apply a set of tweaks
- Integrated SP1 RTM
- Changed the main design theme
- Integrated fresh set of themes
- Changed some default sounds (Log, log-on, log-offs)
- Added Avatars users
- "Maximum" changed to "Tabulorasa"

Applied tweaks:
- User *** Control (UAC) is disabled
- Hibernate is disabled (set to "never")
- In context menu item added, "To become the owner and ask the full access to the object"
- Topics activated
- Set the default theme TBE
- System files patched to use third-party themes
- Removed the gap in the Start menu in the standard theme
- On the map the menu bar in Windows Explorer
- Increased the number of simultaneous downloads for IE to 20 (by default - 2)
- On the map the menu bar in Windows Explorer
- Optimize system files during boot-default-disabled
- Enabled caching of files at system startup
- Included Avtoperezapusk Explorer Errors
- Disable adding the inscription "Shortcut to ..."
- Speed up the opening of the preview window application
- Disable kernel debugger Dr.Watson
- Disable sending error reports to Microsoft
- Show hidden files
- Turn off automatic updates on a schedule
- Disable Windows Defender

In multi-boot menu:
- Installing Windows 7 Tabulorasa Edition SP1 (plain)
- Acronis True Image Home 2011 RUS (updated)
- Acronis Disc Direktor 11.0 RUS (updated)
- Total Commander
- Aida 64 (added)
- Password Changer (added)
- Symantec Ghost (added)
- Select the screen resolution (from 800x600 to 1600x1200)

MD5: 28132A86B57ADAA0B61BBA57F127C08A
SHA1: 7EBAE3E1F4ADF9C1435724B3F2AC9300D26F9605
CRC-32: 9B6A232C


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Windows 7 Tabulorasa Edition
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