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 Hard Disk Sentinel Pro v3.50 Build_4376

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PostSubject: Hard Disk Sentinel Pro v3.50 Build_4376   Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:40 am

Hard Disk Sentinel - a utility for monitoring and control of hard disk drives. Identifies potential problems, reduced performance and possible failures. Can warn the user if it detects problems or excess temperature. Its potential is clearly not seem superfluous, especially in the case of special values of data stored during the growth of volume of storage. The program monitors the status of hard drives, including indicators of temperature and parameters of SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a technology built into most modern drives) for each hard drive.

- Works with drives through the interfaces IDE, Serial ATA and SCSI, determines the status and temperature in real mode, readings are displayed instantly, no need for long-term diagnosis, shows the current and the minimum temperature of storage, the specific attributes depending on the manufacturer, will be useful to advanced users the hour operating time and number of errors read / write performance and interprets the value of the state of SMART in percentage for easier understanding;
- With the help of special icons for disks in the system displays the basic values of the state and used space, thus simplifies control;
- With the help of special icons for disks in the system displays the basic values of the state and used space, thus simplifies control;
- Possible withdrawal of the current values of the temperature in the system tray and follow-up warning when exceeding the threshold, if desired, you can view detailed status information of all hard drives in a window or a small window and a full schedule of temperature change since the start of the program;
- Specifies the model drives and displays detailed information about each of them, ranging from the revision number / size of the buffer and ending with all other of its properties; displays the current and the maximum possible data transfer mode;
- The program counts the total amount of data that have been copied or written to disk, display the current read / write speed and CPU;
- Displays information on all aspects of the system, regardless of the number of drives and in the future, these data are used for automatic warning and status display.

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Hard Disk Sentinel Pro v3.50 Build_4376
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